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Get OpenTAP

The latest version of OpenTAP is 9.24

The OpenTAP installer includes

  • The core engine (OpenTAP or OpenTAP.dll)

  • OpenTAP Command Line Interface and .NET Interfaces for integrating test plan execution into custom applications and operator interfaces.

  • Release notes & assets



For Windows 10 or later


For Ubuntu 20.04 or later


For MacOS 12.0 (Monterrey/ARM) or later

Note that downloads are .TapPackage files, making it easy to update existing OpenTAP installations. For hosts without a full installer (e.g., MacOS), just treat these files as regular ZIP archives. See the Installation Guides for more information.

Software Developer Kit

If you are going to be creating your own plugins, you will also need to install the SDK, which includes plugin templates for Instruments, DUTs, Test Steps, Result Listeners, and Settings. There are two different versions of the SDK:


tap package install SDK

Python SDK

tap package install Python