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Benefits of joining the OpenTAP ecosystem

Join the OpenTAP community, a place for developers to inspire each other.

Bring your perspectives, ideas, examples, and code. As the OpenTAP community does the same, you are free to leverage all posted plugins, integrations, and solutions. Why reinvent when you can reuse?

Test and measurement users and ecosystem participants create and integrate new test applications faster through software reuse and many off-the-shelf plugin elements.

OpenTAP Provides

  • A vendor-neutral, standard architecture derived from proven, widely deployed technology

  • An architecture and code framework that encourages good coding practices such as separation of functionalities, clean abstraction, and well-defined interfaces

  • Support for reusable plugins to handle DUT-specific functions, test planning, instruments, and logging/display/export

  • Friendly MPLv2 licensing allowing for Redistribution-plugins, as either open source or proprietary/closed

Become a contributor

The OpenTAP project makes contribution easy through a well-defined process, flexible licensing, and effective tools.

When you contribute to OpenTAP plugins, you can enjoy community oversight and receive help from other ecosystem members to optimize plugins and lower your cost of maintenance. You can maintain control over your licensing while helping ecosystem partners promote their commercial contributions.

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